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My preferences are towards the more perverse; the naughtier, the dirtier – the better. I practice SSC kink (Safe, Sane, Consensual) and everything I do is within respected boundaries and hard limits. Although as I always say, boundaries are there to be pushed. I excel in humiliation, degradation and getting into a submissive’s mind and making you my bitch. I will figure out what buttons to push and where your Achilles’ heel is, to manipulate you and mould you into the submissive I want. I do not play along to scripts or predesigned fantasies you may have. I will take note of your fetishes and what you are hoping from the session and use it to mould a session that I would enjoy. You are here to please Me, that is what you are here to do, do not forget that.

I consider sessions with myself an absolute luxury. I choose who I play with, not the other way round. 

No calls will be made without a 50% deposit paid via bank transfer. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE so my time isn't wasted. Only book if you are certain.

To arrange please use the contact form.



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