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Want to serve me? Serve me online.


Mistress Sophia Sahara…. A name that rolls off the tongue; mysterious, and sexy – where has this beautiful Dominant Female been all your life? Exotic with Middle Eastern, Arabic roots; British born and privately educated – she is the Dominatrix you have always been looking for. If you’ve ever had a fantasy about being dominated by a strict, stunningly beautiful Arabic woman then look no further. I am the Mistress of your dreams and the UK's only Arabic Dominatrix. Come and see someone a cut above the rest.


You will be amazed by My sexual prowess the moment we meet. My eyes alone are enough to have you under My spell. Kiss My feet before you enter to see Me.


BDSM and the fetish scene have been a part of My life for many years now. Submissives are drawn to Me because of My powerful aura. I fill a room when I enter it. I am the only one who exists in it.


I revel in humiliating weak submissive men, eager to please me and ready to serve. Mentally and physically I will tear you down until you are nothing but an empty shell. Soft and sensual isn't for me. I hope you are ready for it.

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